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Evaporative Cooling Broadmeadows

Do you want a cooling solution that not only saves you money but also reduces your home’s impact on the environment? Utilising a joint fan and cooled water pad system evaporative cooling units are able to quickly, efficiently, and effectively cool every room in your house thanks to their innovative and effective method of home cooling. By selecting Rosanna Heating and Cooling to provide outstanding and reliable evaporative cooling solutions Broadmeadows customers can enjoy the highest levels of comfort in their homes in no time at all. Our passionate team takes great pride in our superior range of evaporative coolers.

With over 68 years of experience helping our customers across Melbourne’s northern suburbs enjoy fresh and particle-free air flow through their homes the team at Rosanna Heating and Cooling can guarantee that through correct operation of our evaporative cooling units Broadmeadows homes can stay cool through even the harshest of summers. Thanks to their design evaporative coolers require doors and windows to be opened for maximum efficiency. This method of operation refreshes the air in the home regularly ensuring you breathe in the cleanest air possible. To know more about the benefits of evaporative cooling contact us today.


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