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Air Conditioning Greensborough

Are you looking to replace or upgrade your home’s current air conditioning system? Greensborough residents in need of a superior level of personalised service can stop their search thanks to the team at Rosanna Heating and Cooling. Delivering exceptional heating and cooling solutions to Melbourne homes and businesses for over 68 years we can effortlessly improve the climate in your home thanks to our innovative approach.

Evaporative Cooling Greensborough

Do you want a more energy-efficient and low environmental impact alternative to conventional air conditioning solutions? Providing our customers throughout Melbourne’s northern suburbs with an all-encompassing level of service the team at Rosanna Heating and Cooling can help you make the right choice for your home. Using cooled pads filled with water combined with fans evaporative cooling units can help Greensborough homes stay cool in summer. Using less power than regular air conditioners evaporative coolers refresh the air in your home regularly by flushing the stale air out through open windows or doors. Thanks to this method of operation they are the perfect option for customers suffering from respiratory conditions.

Heating And Cooling Greensborough

World-famous for its erratic and hard to predict weather conditions Melbourne’s climate keeps the city’s residents constantly on their toes. Based in the metro area Rosanna Heating and Cooling know all too well the importance of having the best in heating and cooling to choose from. Greensborough customers wanting more information about our expansive selection of wall and ducted units can all our team seven days a week.


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